MCICE delivers Gapuma UK Ltd.’s highly urgent cargo successfully

MCICE has successfully handled Gapuma’s agricultural inputs project part cargo needed in urgency to catch cropping season in Eritrea. 82 containers of 20′ UREA originated from Jordan and 121 containers of 40′ originated from Egypt.

The handling & delivery speed was testimonial to the MCICE efficiency that always claim boasted it self as the most efficient logistics handler in the region. 198 of the total 203 where cleared and taken off for delivery from hooks of Massawa harbour (Shore) cranes on direct delivery bases. Moreover, the most impressing part of the operation was that all the cargo had been delivered into warehouse with in two days.

Messers Gapuma expressed their appreciation on the handling by vivid words ” we never expected the whole operation could be executed in such speedy & neat ways …..”

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