• Bunker Quantity Survey
  • On-board Vessel Quantity Surveys  / tally
  • Draft survey
  • Ullage

Cargo Coordination Services

  • A to Z Supervision of cargo loading / dischrarging onboard and quay as well as on door delivery sites
  • Cargo inland transport planning and provision services
  • Cargo qauntitave tally upon loading and discharging of ships
  • Equipment testing and certifying
  • Facilitating of ship and crew issues
  • Documentation and  certification of status in regard to sensitive  cargoes
  • Project cargoes pre – shipment assesment & consultation,  handling, supervision, post shipment  supervision & warranty asscertion.
  • Assessing, Planning, handling, attending ( supervising) of  over size and heavy weight cargoes like plants and specialized equipment, throughout all stages from contract inception upto the final destination
  • Cargo freighting, (end to end ocean freighting) multimodal freighing.
  • LCLconsolidation and segregation services

Customs Clearing Services

  •       Import cargo csutoms duty assessment and payment
  •       export cargo Customs clearing
  •       Cargo forwarding
  •       storage and custody

Cargo Inspection Services 

  • Survey / Audit of Warehouses
  • Stowage Supervision
  • Photographic records
  • Out turn Reports
  • Assessing probable cause of alleged damage
  • Superintending discharge/load of alleged damaged Cargoes
  • Segregation and quantifying of alleged damaged Commodities.

Speciality Services 

  • Calibration Services
  • Confimity assessment cerrificates
  • Witness of Destruction
  • Preparation and submission of Daily Shift Reports
  • Ship Hold / Container fitness Inspections
  • Seal making seal breaking services
  • Pre-Shipment cargo survey
  • Various Laboratory assay by own or sub-contracted Laboratories
  • Lashing Surveys
  • On-Off Hires supervision/inspection and notifications
  • Technical Inspections ( A – Z )
  • Supervision of Temperature Condition
  • Cargo Inspection for Customs purposes
  • Freight containers trucking and liasing
  • Container fitness tests csc plates confirmation.