Welcome to MCICE !

The maritime cargo services and inspection company of Eritrea (MCICE, Eritrea Ltd.), is a multi faceted logistics & shipping corporatin based in Eritrea that operates from three Eritrean offices of Massawa, Assab and Asmara.

MCICE is one the leadng companies providing complete package of services of logistic and shipping solutions to global clients .

With staff long track record of experience and success, MCICE has provided professional cargo handling, warehousing, transportation, supervision and inspection along with cargo clearing & forwarding, Transporting, Tallying, surveying, LCL consolidating – stripping and the like services. Additionally, it provides ship protection  and husbandry agency services at ports.

All MCICE services meet global industry standards and other relevant regulations.

High value bulk commodities like chemicals, fuels, grains, edible oils and many other products are measured, analyzed and verified for shipment and inventory quantity and quality. Inspectors and supervisors survey and sample representative product from bulk storage tanks, tankers, cargo ships holds, barges, shore storage and transfer facilities, and warehouses.